If you visit Orfű and do not know where Muskátli Vendéglő is, ask anybody, wou will get the answer…
The restaurant is situated at the main square of Orfű, next to the church in a wonderful park.
Should you arrive either from Pécs or Magyarhertelend, you will find our signs indicating the direction. Follow the signs to find the best restaurant of Orfű.
The good quality was also acknowledged by the Hungarian and International Gastronomy Association with its Patron Sign.On our menu you will find everything from the traditional folk dishes to dishes satisfying the needs of modern nourishment.Our restaurant – besides serving “a la carte” – is prepared to have groups. You can order while traveling to us by car.
Look for Ákos Serényi manager who is pleased to deal with you and will imaginatively solve your wishes.Those who visit us will drop not only into a restaurant but in an ethnographic environment as well.
While our cooks prepare your meal you will not get bored. You can see our ethnographic performance and the permanent exhibition of László Serényi wood carver.
Visiting the oven yard, which is unique in the country, is a lasting experience.Your children can freely play on our surrounded yard, can look at the rabbits so you can having your food quietly.
At our place you can eat as well as take a rest.If you come to Orfű and are not hungry, visit us in Muskátli Vendéglő nonetheless. Your appetite will be sharpened.Spend a couple of hours in a pleasant place in Muskátli Vendéglõ, the center of Orfű.